Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We All Get Cut...

Comedy Central on The Dojo Rat Channel

Well, we decided to watch this video of two doormen at a German bar getting stabbed.
In order to replicate the conditions of a late-night German disco, the Dojo Rats slammed four beers each and tried a replay of that attack. There is no, and I mean NO way to avoid getting cut somehow.
Dave from Formosa Niejia wrote back that the guys in the video were acting like they were on their smoke break instead of monitoring drunks, and he suggested they take a side stance to limit exposure to the blade.
My buddy Brian back at my old Taekwon Do school was an Army Ranger, and was always going away to try to sneak into North Korea and other places. One time on a flight back from overthrowing some hapless third world country, his team was discussing knife attacks. Things got heated, and one guy challenged another, saying that his wife (with no martial training) could cut any one of them to ribbons. When they landed, he gave his wife a big black felt marker pen and she approached the Ranger that was confident he could disarm her. The wife went nuts, slashing and stabbing at the Ranger until he got his arms around her to finally control her. All the guys looked at the Ranger, who had black pen marks over his arms neck and chest. Even though he contained her, he probably would have bled out.
Aside from not being aware of the pending attack, the German guys in the video may have done the right thing by retreating into the building. At least they avoided further injury.
I don't know if our replay of the situation in the video looks more like the Keystone Cops or a scene from Gilligan's Island, but it's a reminder of how dangerous knives are.


Patrick Parker said...

Exactly right. That is the point I've been trying to get at in my prolonged series about knife defense. see: http://mokurendojo.blogspot.com/2007/05/role-of-knife-in-aikido.html

The knife is just that good a tool/weapon. Such a good weapon that it makes so called knife defense in martial arts pretty silly.

I like the story about the ranger's wife carving up the other ranger with a marker. Exactly right

Andy said...

a cop I knew would always say he would rather be hit with buckshot again then get cut up again. But at the same time, those bouncers acted like they were inside in thier break room rather then on the street dealing with an attacker with a knife.

Brad said...

Some 10 years ago when I still worked in the department of corrections we had knife defense training yearly. They told us up front that if you really confront an inmate with a knife, shank, etc., you WILL get cut.

Some martial arts have better knife defense training than others but the bottom line here is don't go up against someone with a knife unless you have no choice.

Hand2Hand said...

The Filipino fighting arts are full of knife fighting techniques, including extensive training in disarms.

But, as my instructor in those arts liked to say, "Let's be honest - Most of these will only work against the village idiot."

He also likes to say: "What do you call a knife fighter who just spent two weeks in intensive care?"

A: "The Winner"

Yes, you should expect to get cut. Many of the disarms I learned include sacrificing a limb and even grabbing the blade. Sure, you'll probably loose the use of that hand, but it beats getting your throat cut.

In fact, I heard a story once (I think it happened to one of the Presas brothers) that he disarmed an attacker by taking a knife thrust to his wrist and trapping the blade between the two bones that make up the forearm.

Dojo Rat said...

Love the winner in intensive care comment, I've got to borrow that from you!

Dave said...

Actually, my "lead with the shoulder" comment was just about potential conflict in general. Any time you think things may escalate, you should lead with a shoulder. Whether a knife is involved or not doesn't make a difference to this point. But it should help in that case too by keeping most of the major organs off the centerline.

Your point about always getting cut when a knife is involved is a very good one. Yes, most knife defenses are BS from that standpoint.

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