Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sun-Style Bagua Applications

On the heels of the Sun-style Bagua seminar with Tim Cartmell, I came across this video of Hal Mosher ( demonstrating applications for the form. The video is slowed down so that the applications can be understood, which makes it appear disjointed in some ways. However, if the flow was shown at combat speed the effectiveness would be recognized.
Two things I see in this are: (1) the obvious grappling nature of the art. Hal isn't taking his training partner all the way to the ground but I would say 3/4 of the techniques he shows are takedowns.
(2) It has a constant flow that is seen in arts like Kenpo, with one technique seemlessly flowing to another, linking to an attacking arm and following it to the core of the body for a strike, lock or takedown.
It would have been interesting if he mixed the slow motion with a little actual combat-speed application. None-the-less, I will be studying this as I review the new stepping patterns we worked on at Tim Cartmell's Bagua seminar.

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