Monday, May 7, 2007

Tai Chi San Shou

Well, even after a year of practice, we're still rusty. Here's a little Yang Tai Chi Chuan San Shou (88 movement fighting form). The weather is great for the costal northwest, and we can film outside. We can step up the intensity, but we tend to get off track, so for now this speed works good. At the end of this set you reverse the roles, and repeat the form. I swear, it's the most complicated form I have ever learned, but man there is a lot of information in it.
Thanks to our Tai Chi Chuan instructor, Michael Gilman.

(Edit.)Upon review, whew!... we have a lot of work to do on this form. Better posture, more intensity without blowing the form... D.R.


Patrick Parker said...

This is a very cool video. very much like an extended version of some of our chains (flow drills) that you asked about and I still haven't gotten recorded for you (sorry :( I haven't ditched that project - just havent gotten to it.
Anyway, this looks like a great motion drill.

Dojo Rat said...

Thanks Patrick,
It took a couple of tries to get it right without major flaws. We are introducing more intensity, but at the expense of continiuity of the form. Slowly but surely...
I wonder if you see the similarities in techniques with some Aikido?
There is a tremendous amount of information in this form, leading to "muscle memory" for some self defense applications.
None-the-less, it's still a form and as much as I crab about some arts, I sure love this. Hope you enjoyed it, I'd love to have crawfish and beer with you guys some time. --D.R.