Thursday, May 10, 2007

Master Chang Tung Sheng

Yang Tai Chi Chuan Form

Shuai Jiao - Chinese Wrestling, Tai Chi and Xing-Yi

Here's some great footage of a terrific martial artist, Chang Tung Sheng. His version of the Yang Tai Chi Chuan form shows great power, and the more I explore internal arts the grappling nature becomes more obvious. Some Tai Chi people put too much emphasis on the Yin (soft, empty) side of the art to the exclusion of the Yang. This is probably because most people (especially young men) are too Yang. But in doing so, they miss the intent that directs the power. Their Tai Chi lacks the "Chuan" or fist of Tai Chi Chuan, and remains a flowery dance. Here is a true master that has demonstrated the balence of Yin and Yang, and the fighting ability within the art of Tai Chi Chuan.


Hand2Hand said...

Once again, I gotta say a big thanks for that post and the videos.

Keep getting the word out that internal arts are fighting arts.

Dojo Rat said...

This master in the video can fight. His bio says he won the All-China wrestling championship in 1939.
I love his version of the Yang form.
Thanks for checking in! --D.R.