Thursday, May 17, 2007

Check Out This Link

The guy over at Formosa Neijia (link at right of my blog) has had a series of challenge matches in parks in Taiwan, this time with a powerful Xing-Yi instructor and his top student. This is the best series of real-life training experiance articles I have read in a long time. Check it out, you'll love it:
Sorry, you'll have to cut-and-paste, I'm having trouble with links--D.R.

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Patrick Parker said...

Indeed I do like that article and the two sister articles. I don't really have much context for understanding specifics because I dont understand all the chinese terminology (maybe you could do a post or two on terminology). But I do get teh gist of it is testing your system and not going into combat with untested theory.

Great concept too! I'll likely "proudly steal" it and do a series of articles on what aikido/judo/karate can learn from each other.