Thursday, May 31, 2007

June: Cute Hippie Chick Of The Month - Double Feature

Example One

The Queen Of The Hippie Chicks

Example Two

You younger Rats out there will have to humor an old Dojo Rat on the month of his birthday. As it is, I'm a Gemini, and I'm up for multi-tasking.
So, this month our celebration of Hippies in/and the martial arts is a double feature of "Cute Hippie Chick of The Month".
Example One is none other than Grace Slick of "The Jefferson Airplane", the reigning Queen of the Hippie Chicks. I wouldn't necessarily call Gracie "cute", but "hot" in the "she'll smack-you-down-and-tell-you-what-she-wants-you-to-do" sort of hot. Of course, 1969 was an eternity ago, and the young Dojo Rat would be listening to Grace and The Airplane belt out "White Rabbit" on what we used to call a "transistor radio". Grace had incredible presense, you should see her handle the Hells Angels at the fateful Altamont concert. She undoubtadly led the way for the next generation of bad-girl rockers like Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, Joan Jett and others. Grace Slick is the absolute Queen of the Hippie Chicks.
Example two is one of an aspiring Hippie Princess. This young girl has obviously been listening to "White Rabbit" and, is doing a little LSD in this interview. Her shear beauty and innocence is juxtaposed with the distant parallel world of mind-altering drugs. Anyone who has done this knows you can go from a moment of near terror to pure enlightenment and bliss in a heartbeat. You can see it in her eyes, as she opens her hands around the orange, and is struck by her own creative wonder: "I can do everything"...
Indeed, we can.


Patrick Parker said...

Hey, DR, I think I saw you in the crowd in that first video! ;-)


Mary said...
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