Monday, May 28, 2007

They Never Saw The Blade

Check this one out: I think this is probably representitive of many street knife attacks, perhaps you fellow Dojo Rats out there will want to provide your own analysis.
The doormen seem too casual about these guys. Granted, I'm sure they have to deal with a lot of this, but in my opinion, their mistake was in not extending a bridge position to keep the guy away from their core area and vital organs. There was no attempt to jam the attack in hopes of containing the attackers arm, and they fled instead of restraining him. Now I know that sounds hard to do, but realize, these guys made virtually no attempt to protect themselves at all.
I knew a guy that worked in a nude dance bar in a rough area of Portland. After an altercation in the bar he and the owner removed two young guys that were gang-bangers. While outside, one of the guys pulled a .32 pistol out and shot my friend. He was able to hang on to the guy and handcuff him to a street sign post while the cops came.
These guys at this club (a) let the guy too close, (b) made no defensive effort, (c) probably could have restrained him two-on-one and got the bastard. At least he is on video, and I'm sure he can be found.

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Dave said...

The first problem these guys made is something I used to do a lot too: they didn't realize that this was a confrontation right from the start. Notice that crewcut guy thinks this is a smokebreak.

I would suggest always standing with one shoulder leading in their direction. This takes most of the vitals out of the direct line of fire and gives you longer range with the front arm and leg. It can be just a 45 degree angle. That's all it takes.

And never take your eyes off the guy.

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