Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scott Phillips on Single Whip

Yesterday we introduced you to a new blog, "Weakness With A Twist", and it's author Scott P. Phillips.
In this video, Phillips shares some of his ideas for the Tai Chi Chuan posture "single whip". In the Yang style I practice, single whip is related to "split", that is you take the opponents body in two directions at once. This is also seen in "parting wild horses mane" and other postures.
We use it in the two man San-Shou form as a pass of the opponent's right punch and stepping in with a right forearm haymaker for a takedown, almost exactly like an Irimi-Nage in Aikido.
What I like about what Scott shows is his use of the "Hook hand" or right hand in the posture. Here he uses it as a arm break and assisting in takedowns.
Very nice...
(Edit.)--One thing IMA guys need to remember is that if a good fighter throws his right punch, that left is coming right in next... Careful Scott!


Scott said...

Thanks so much for the write-up, you guys are awesome!
I added a few new videos today including "Single Whoop2"

Anonymous said...

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