Friday, November 6, 2009

Fighting Styles That Will Probably Get Your Ass Kicked

A generous tip of the hat to James Keating at MAAJAK for directing us to this funny but ultimately serious article about "Fighting styles that will probably get your ass kicked".
Of course, I fully expected to see my life's persuit of Tai Chi Chuan dashed upon the bloody rocks of FAIL.
Not so!

Spoiler: Judo guys will be very pleased...


Charles James said...

Hey DR!

Interesting article. I can only say what I have said about a thousand times on my blog. Most so called "Martial Arts" are actually "sport endeavors."

In other words there are few out there that will teach you real self-defense/combat.

I call these "karate-size classes" and rarely do I find anyone today actually able to take it to the streets.

You need to look at what you want from two points of view.

1. If you wish to follow the path of the warrior then get into one that will take the time to teach you all your weaknesses and expect to train a long time "BEFORE" it will work.

2. If all you want is to learn to fight then find someone who teaches you boxing or Judo (not sport although I agree with the article) or grav maga (real Isreali stuff not the current sport/commercial stuff)

Marines have it right. You can learn to truly fight in a short period of time if that is all you want but anything else takes time and practice.

Even those that are combat oriented, i.e. designed for Marines and other military persons, still require you to spend time practicing.

The more you get to practice the better.

There is a mind set as well but that is a whole book itself.

Love your stuff, thanks DR!

Unknown said...

There is a mind set as well but that is a whole book itself.

Meditations on Violence by Rory Miller, published by Yang's Martial Arts Association, list price $18.95, available at fine book stores everywhere.