Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boycotting Blogger Until they Fix It

I am sorry to say I have to boycott Blogger until they fix their posting format.
I've got posts lined up, but we lost the spell check function as well as a simple way to post videos.
The new posting format doesn't work and it SUCKS.

Looking for help on the net, I see that many, many people are having this problem. There were instructions one one site to help restore the old posting format but it appears Blogger disabled that option in an effort to train people to the new format.

Get your shit together Blogger.

Anybody else having the same issues?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cute Hippie Chick of the Month: Lonely Girl Edition

Well, well! Good news for all the lonely Dojo Rats out there; thousands of single Chinese girls might like to meet you! Apparantly the cut-off line for nubile hot chicks in China is 27. What a shame, at that age the pressures to marry are huge. Here's part of an article from "": " Xu, a pretty woman in her 30s, warily walked into a Beijing singles club in a bid to shed her status as one of China’s “Unwanted”. “I hope to find a husband,” she said, as she sat in front of a Mahjong table and awaited her date for the evening, who had been hand-picked for her by the club based on their profiles. (snip) Xu, who did not want to be identified, is one of China’s so-called “Sheng Nu”. The term, which translates to the “Unwanted”, is derived from a phenomenon in Chinese society which affects hundreds of thousands of women, particularly the urban, educated and financially independent. The term, which is unique to China and which only applies to women, appears in China’s official dictionary and refers to “all single woman above the age of 27″. (snip) “On one hand young people today work very hard and have few places to meet outside of their work, which wasn’t the case earlier,” Wu Di, a sociologist who has just published a book on the subject, told AFP. “On the other hand, traditionally the Chinese say one should ‘make do’ when marrying. Marriage has never been synonymous with happiness. “The new generation of women don’t want to ‘make do’. Many live quite well alone and don’t see the point in lowering their standard or life in order to marry.” Still, the pressure on women is huge. Part of this is due to China’s one-child population control policy, which adds to the desperation of parents for their only offspring to marry and produce a grandson or granddaughter. “The real reason for coming to this club is that I don’t want to disappoint my parents. I want to make them happy,” admitted Xu. (snip) Shelly, 34, a highly educated public relations consultant who had just returned from living in the United States, was among the new members. Since her return to China, she had avoided her relatives and even some of her close friends because of their insistence in trying to arrange dates for her. “I’m under pressure from all sides. I feel my mother is disappointed and sad when she sees the grandchildren of her friends,” she said. But with no potential partner on the horizon, Shelly is preparing to return to the United States to do a second Masters degree — a decision partly motivated by her desire to escape her colleagues, parents and friends. “I think I will return to China when I am 40. I want right now to be so old, so broken that they will leave me in peace,” she said." ------------------------------- Ok all you lonely Dojo Rats, get busy!