Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Inch Punch Documentary

Here's an interesting documentary on the "one inch punch". Interestingly, this is the only punch where the bottom two knuckles in a vertical fist are used. I think the technique is basicly an extension of the "fa jin" in the internal arts.

Coming up next: my review of the documentary "Bounce" as detailed in a previous post. I'm watching it right now, and it's pretty amazing...


Hand2Hand said...

Pretty good video. You're pretty much right - inch power is an extension of the fa jin training in internal arts.

I include inch power in my training and instruction. It's nothing mystical. In fact, it's incredibly simple. James Demille's book on the one and three inch punch is a good starting point.

It just takes practice, but there's no reason a good student couldn't develop good short power in only a couple of months with steady, regular practice.

Dojo Rat said...

I had DeMiles book but it's buried in my storage somewhere...

DeMile trained the guy that gave us our wing chun drills, Ron Ogi. Ron is the guy that inherited several of the mechanical wing Chun Mook dummies that were used by Bruce Lee.

Rick Fryer said...

Excellent documentary.

I have a quick question. In my school we practice a version of the one-inch-punch, but rather than turn our wrist a 1/4 turn up and strike with the bottom two knuckles (As Bruce Lee did), we turn the wrist a 1/4 inch down and strike with the top two knuckles.

Do you think this makes a difference? Is one method stronger than the other?

My guess is that turning the wrist up helps to raise the opponent to send him up and backward (good for a demonstration - like when you want to send someone into a chair or a swimming pool); while the downward turn sends the energy down, leaving the opponent pretty much in the same place so that you can hit him again.

Any thoughts?



Dojo Rat said...

I agree, Rick. Downward makes sense to me, as per Dillman.

Leonard McCoy said...

Good Lord, man! Has the whole world gone retarded?

The "one-inch punch" AS DEMILLE'S BOOK MAKES CLEAR is simply punching across a line of NO RESISTANCE. It can be done from a wheelchair. It can be done from a bicycle.

It takes exactly NO practice.