Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One For The Aikido Guys

Here's some Randori at Tim Cartmell's Shen Wu Dojo. Tim's system teaches the internal arts-- Bagua, Tai Chi Chuan and Hsing-Yi, as well as Brazilian Jujitsu. The pace at which they practice is excellent for learning and a generally injury-free training session.
Here is a fine example of flow work in stand-up grappling. After one or two attempted techniques, the opponent's hand is seized and Meynard begins to apply Sankyo. He reinforces it by barring across the tricep tendon (TW 11-12) and completes the takedown.

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Patrick Parker said...

Cool, I like it! definitely sankyo (we call it tenkai kotehineri).I have an interesting story about that...

When I first met Henry Copeland years ago he was an 8th dan in aiki. he asked me what was my favorite technique at the time and i told him, 'tenkai kotehineri.'

"put me in it." he said, holding his arm out to me, already bent into position.

we spent the next few minutes (seemed like an hour) with him reversing my tenkai and putting me into tenkai kotehineri, throwing my face into the ground. since then, every time I see him every 6-12 months, I get a good dose of tenkai kotehineri, so I get to see up close how well different clubs clean their mats.

anyway, Henry's moral for that day was something cryptic like 'you only like the techniques you're afraid of.' for more on that story, search mokuren dojo for 'magical thinking' and i think you'll come up with some hits on that story. for some pics of henry, search mokuren dojo for 'henry'

big dude.

anyway, i sorta got off the topic. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting it.

also, check out my recent post about my tai chi question. i'd like to hear your thoughts on this.