Friday, August 10, 2007

Let's All Take A Deep Breath...

Whew! After that last video We all need a cleansing, so let's relax and learn from Sam Masich a very simple self-massage that is used for high blood pressure and heart ailments. It looks like it would be great for getting rid of a tension headache.
Sam Mashich is one of the most talented martial artists I have had the pleasure to meet, and I hope to train with him again.
Over at Formosa Neijia, our friend Jose de Freitas has composed a lengthy and well-researched scientific study of the meridians and inherent bioelectricity. Please jump over and check it out, it fits well with the Qi Gong (chi-kung) theme of the day.
--Now, doesn't everybody feel better?


Dave said...

Problem is, qigong is too subtle for most people. People have to clam down and learn to feel what's going on in their bodies for them to learn qigong. But it's hard to do in today's overstimulated society. Watching too much TV, eating too much sugar and McDonalds, and drinking too much Starbucks fries your nervous system.

Who is going to make the changes in their lives that would allow them to benefit from what Sam is teaching in this video?

Formosa Neijia

Dojo Rat said...

You're right, not many people will try. When I did it last, I had some congested sinus problem from a summer cold, and it really cleared it up for a while. If nothing else, it's a simple relaxing self-massage!