Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hell Of A Knife Fight!

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Knife saves hunter from angry bear
Man wounds animal, escapes with cuts and broken limb

Elise Stolte
The Edmonton Journal

Friday, August 17, 2007

EDMONTON - A man armed with a machete-style hunting knife suffered serious injuries to his arms and a leg as he fought off an angry bear near Grande Prairie on Wednesday evening.
The man was checking an area for the upcoming deer hunt when he walked between the mother bear and her three cubs.
The encounter happened near a creek in a farm field near the agricultural hamlet of Grovedale, 20 kilometres south of Grande Prairie.
A man working outside heard cries for help and called the fire department around 9:30 p.m.
Grande Prairie RCMP Const. Leanne Beattie said the man stabbed the bear three times with the large hunting knife before it took off.
The man had bite marks and scratches and appeared to have at least one broken limb. "That's good condition, considering," Beattie said.
"He ended up unintentionally cutting between the mom and the cubs, and as a result, mom got a little upset and went after him."
Smith described the man as in his 30s, about six feet tall with an average build. He was a stranger to the area.
After the attack, the man walked almost a kilometre back to the road. Despite his injuries, "he seemed all right," said Grovedale volunteer fire Capt. Troy Smith.
By the time the man was put into an ambulance, it was too dark to search the bush for the bear, Beattie said. Several Fish and Wildlife officers returned to the field Thursday in search of the wounded animal.
Officials aren't certain if it was a black bear that attacked the man. Black bears are more common than other species in the area, Beattie said.

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Hand2Hand said...

Like I told another poster to this blog, not all self-defense situations involve humans or weapons. This article shows that.

I had to fight off a pit bull that attacked my new Rottweiler puppy last summer. If not for my training, I'd have been burying my dog.

It's just a shame that the laws about carrying weapons are so draconian in some parts of this country. Those laws don't deter criminals or wild animals - only law abiding citizens.

Thank God that man wasn't attacked by a bear in some state like Connecticut, New York or New Jersey. Otherwise, he'd be in a jail cell for carrying a weapon.

I guess lawmakers in those states would rather have honest citizens get killed than be able to defend themselves.