Friday, August 17, 2007


The Rat has returned! I'm back from my "Tour of duty" over at TDA Training, and had a blast. Thanks to Nathan and all the other guests!
I am however still recovering from the ordeal, and I think We'll just sit back, sip a cool one and watch a great short flick. This one is from British TV, it's called "Bouncer". There's some harsh language, but it is pretty good -- and has a suprise ending. Enjoy!


Pok3rMunkey said...

Excellent short film DR! I must have missed it when it was on TV, Ray Winstone is imo a great actor, so thanks for that :-)

Dojo Rat said...

Did you get your silk reeling site yet?

Reeling said...

Hi DR, I did register with ontoplist, but when I didn't put their code on my blog right away, they mailed me, I tried to log back into their site to get the code and I can't get in! LOL.

I've mailed them but as yet no respone. I'll try again soon, thanks for the info.

Think I'm having an identity crisis, off to change back to my alter ego PokerMunk3y. Catch you soon.