Sunday, February 19, 2012

Classic Karate Confrontation

Credit to Jonathan Bluestein at "The Rum-Soaked Fist" for posting this one.

According to the article in The British tabloid "The Sun", trouble maker Les Andrews confronted Gulf War veteran Jason Smith, 35 at his residence. Smith's wife and infant daughter were in the house at the time. The article states that Smith is trained in Karate and Jujitsu.
In my opinion, Smith takes an inordanite amount of shit before he takes this guy out. He patiently demonstrates to his neighbors that he is not the aggressor, as the guy is close enough to give him a head-butt or knee strike. Smith waits in the at-ease position a little too long, but he unloads on the idiot with classic left-hand Karate reverse punches.
Oh what a treat it is to see the punk slink and crawl out of Smith's yard.
At the time the article was printed, the video had 200,000 hits, currently on YouTube the hit count is 3,195,643.

Punks beware of Martial Masters with Beer Guts!


Bob Patterson said...

Ha! I'm not sure if I could have held out that long.

David Paul McNally said...

Good composure under a lot of close range tension. Yin overcoming Yang!

Steve Perry said...

Way too long. Should have decked him at the first aggressive move.

I like the Fifth and Washington vid:

Dojo Rat said...

That's pretty good- looks like the Jab did all the work, the cross didn't connect.
Ah, I'm glad I live in the sticks...