Saturday, October 20, 2007

High Crimes

Every now and then, The Dojo Rat is compelled to take a left turn away from Martial Arts and explore the dark world of Political Arts.
I believe it was Plato who said “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you”. That statement has never been truer than today, where the big ear in the sky we call the National Security Agency vacuums up every spoken telecommunication and keystroke we make.
Now you might say: “But Dojo Rat; President Cheney has instructed us that everything has changed since the attacks on 9-11”.
Ah, but no… everything changed BEFORE 9-11… Check out this piece, C/O the Seattle Times, 10-13-07:
By Ellen Nakashima and Dan Eggen
The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — Former Qwest Communications International Chief Executive Joseph Nacchio said the National Security Agency (NSA) approached Qwest more than six months before the Sept. 11 attacks about an unidentified NSA program, according to court documents unsealed this week. Nacchio, who is appealing a conviction for insider trading, also said the government withdrew a $200 million contract after Qwest refused to participate in an NSA program the company's top lawyer said was illegal.
Details about the alleged NSA program have been removed from the documents, but Nacchio's lawyer said last year that the NSA had approached the company about participating in a warrantless-surveillance program to gather information about Americans' phone records. Nacchio's account, which places the NSA proposal at a meeting on Feb. 27, 2001, suggests the Bush administration was seeking to enlist telecommunications firms in programs without court oversight before the terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon.

--(D.R.) So, Nacchio claims that after Qwest, the ONLY telecommunications company that refused to go along with the ILLEGAL wiretap scheme BEFORE 9-11, the government came after him Soviet-style on a trumped-up insider trading deal.
-- And let’s not overlook this little item: The Cheney “Energy Task Force” had plans on the table to “Carve up” Iraq’s oil resources before 9-11 also!

Documents turned over in the summer of 2003 by the Commerce Department as a result of the Sierra Club’s and Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, concerning the activities of the Cheney Energy Task Force, contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as two charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.” The documents, dated March 2001, also feature maps of Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates oilfields, pipelines, refineries and tanker terminals. There are supporting charts with details of the major oil and gas development projects in each country that provide information on the project’s costs, capacity, oil company and status or completion date.
Documented plans of occupation and exploitation predating September 11 confirm heightened suspicion that U.S. policy is driven by the dictates of the energy industry. According to Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, “These documents show the importance of the Energy Task Force and why its operations should be open to the public.”

--(D.R.)And oil just hit $90 a barrel yesterday. Of course, none of this would come to fruition without “A new Pearl Harbor”. Here is a summary of the neo-conservative “Project For A New American Century” game plan:

The 90-page PNAC document from September 2000 says: “The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.”
“Even should Saddam pass from the scene,” the plan says U.S. military bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will remain, despite domestic opposition in the Gulf states to the permanent stationing of U.S. troops. Iran, it says, “may well prove as large a threat to U.S. interests as Iraq has.”
A “core mission” for the transformed U.S. military is to “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars,” according to the PNAC.
The strategic “transformation” of the U.S. military into an imperialistic force of global domination would require a huge increase in defense spending to “a minimum level of 3.5 to 3.8 percent of gross domestic product, adding $15 billion to $20 billion to total defense spending annually,” the PNAC plan said.
“The process of transformation,” the plan said, “is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”

--(D.R.) And I’m not even going to get started on the events on 9-11, the “New Pearl Harbor”.
In plain English, what we have here is evidence of “High Crimes”. The game plan for a permanent military occupation of the Middle East oil fields (and subsequent lies that led us to war), the Cheney Energy Task Force carving up the oilfields, and the illegal wiretapping of Americans (for political reasons) All BEFORE 9-11.
This is the most arrogant, Imperial, unconstitutional administration in American history. The likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have been planning this power grab since they served the Nixon and Ford administrations.
And you say “Dojo Rat, aren’t you afraid of getting on some government list”?
Well, I’m already on that "list". We shouldn’t even have “lists”.
I saw a great bumper sticker the other day: “Impeachment: it’s not just for blowjobs anymore”.


C. C. Pieschala said...

Yeah so ANYWAY ...

Count Dante Fact: The Count does not vote. He simply chooses the next President. Anybody who disagrees gets taste of the "Poison Hand" who powers are only understood via secret ritual sealed in blood. (Ritual being a trade secret copyright "The Black Dragon Fighting Society" all rights reserved)

Lighten up Francis ;-)
(Bill Murray in "Stripes")

Sorry it was a tension breaker, it needed to be done.
Cheers D.R.!

Dojo Rat said...

Dude! You are my new hero!
You are the only one brave enough to comment on this complex issue!
-- This is a grand experiment. I expected detractors. I expected hecklers. Nothing.
Everybody is too scared to comment!
Count Dante would give you your 13th degree black Belt for just checking in!
Who was checking in from Reston, Vrginia today? How far is that from where CIA headquarters are in Langley?

Patrick Parker said...

Ha! That's pretty funny.

Sorry you didn't get any bites on this post. Though I don't especially agree (or disagree) with this post, and I wasn't especially offended by it since eveyone has got their own opinions, I just didn't have anything to say about it.

The third option besides having offended or frightened people - maybe folks are still processing it and aren't sure what to think or say about it yet. I suppose I fall somewhere close to that category.

Dojo Rat said...

You're right Pat. Also, I realize people tune in mostly for martial arts stuff.
Some times I get wound up and just need to say what's on my mind.
see ya in the Halliburton/Blackwater concentration camp!

BSM said...

I read it. I think I'm just too tired to comment. Tired of the war, the lies, etc.

I used to be more opinionated on my blog. Now I stick to martial arts. I'm in the process of moving all my old non-martial arts posts over to a second blog. (just I case I need to rant)


Sean C. Ledig said...

Hey DR,

Some people are less afraid of winding up on some Homeland Security Agency Shit List than they are about having a potential employer see their postings here.

Personally, I'm looking for some nice rural land. I've always had a fantasy for off-the-grid living. Now, the way things are going in this country, it might be a good idea to get out of Dodge, hole up and wait out a coming storm that'll make the Great Depression and the Civil War look like a Sunday School picnic.

Personally, I think this country has been drifting toward Fascism at least since Reagan, if not Nixon.

The Democrats who've held office haven't been much better. They've either been selling out (like Clinton) or wussing out (like Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Pelosi).

Lastly, if you want to talk about prophetic sci-fi movies, watch the opening monologue of "The Road Warrior." The narrator describes the events leading up to WWIII as basically a fight over - you guessed it! - oil!

Dave Chesser said...

"Everybody is too scared to comment!"

Please don't take this the wrong way. But if people didn't comment, then how do you know WHY they didn't?

Formosa Neijia

Dojo Rat said...

You're right. I chock it up mostly to people not giving a shit.
On the other hand, America has never been this scarey lately...

Dave Chesser said...

Yeah I'm seeing that in certain parts of the Internet. I'm never certain what to make of this stuff since I'm overseas.

Formosa Neijia

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