Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rise, Drill, Fall, Overturn

In this post, we examine the concept of Rise, Drill, Fall, Overturn. There is somewhat of a controversy about whether overturn should precede fall in the terminology, but we'll touch on that later.
In this video, Kent Howard does a good job explaining the concept. As we can see, the Chinese Internal Martial Arts do not use hard blocking techniques. Instead, the most efficiant angle of blending with a strike is the goal. The motion of rise and drill shoots at an angle into the incoming force. The overturn and fall (or fall and overturn) then joins and leads the opponent. Bringing the opponent into your center of strength, using your body mass is the key. It's not just yanking the guys arm down, it's pulling him into your strike or throw.
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BSM said...

Very interesting. That move with deflection and grab appears a lot in the Chin Na that I'm studying!

Erick Adams said...


In a lot of ways this looks like the Dragon system of the Yin Style that I practice - especially the drilling section.

If you step into or behind to lock a leg, throwing and breaking become easy with these techniques.

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing that.