Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 Choke-a-thon

Sensei Strange has started this year's "Choke-a-thon".
Kicking it off are the guys from Kaze Uta Budo Kai, showing some Judo and Aikido choking techniques. You can see the video's at the highlighted link above. Sensei Strange, being a Texan and all, poked Ol' Dojo Rat with a sharp stick to see if I was up to the challenge. At this time, the only choke video I have in the can is one that uses a lock flow to get into the choke. The two chokes I am using are the front or guillotine (I think), rolling into the side or "Hawaiian" choke.
Keep in mind, this type drill is not how you fight, but just getting used to how to switch techniques as an opponent struggles to escape.
Go to the link above to see Kyle and Nick use some of their favorite chokes, and if you leave a comment Sensei Strange may just send you a bottle of his home-brewed Beer!


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