Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Dude Kicks Some Ass -(UPDATE)

And you say, "Oh Dojo Rat; surely you wouldn't stoop so low"?
Why yes indeed, I would!

Once again while surfing the fetid waters of the internet I have stumbled upon this crash on the side of the road. It's terrible, but I just gotta look...
I can't tell exactly what starts the argument between these guys, but I do believe the Old Dude is amped up and makes things worse.
The young guy clearly has picked the wrong Old Fart to intimidate, Old Dude looks like an ex-jock and is quite a bit bigger. To his credit, he does move his seat to the front of the bus, but he keeps running his mouth.
Not a good example of conflict resolution. But when he hits the guy, it's hard, fast and repeatedly.

Of all things, "The Mail" (London) has the back story on this confrontation, along with a video of Old Dude getting tased at a baseball game.


Toldain said...

From what I can tell, Old Dude represents exactly the sort of shit in my life that I take martial arts to be better at dealing with.

Intimidation is his Way. He's big, and he's used to people giving way. When they do, he can be gracious, but he will deal a shitstorm if they don't. I will grant that moving his seat was a positive thing. But the rest of the time he's posturing like crazy.

The thrust of Old Guy's posture and verbalization is this: either you accept me as dominant or we fight. Young Dude can't accept just allowing Old Guy his dominance, which is what keeps drawing him back in.

So Old Guy continues to bait until he gets sufficient provocation (it looked like a shove and a grab, not a punch) to use force. And he knows how to do it.

BSM said...

I saw this one making the rounds. In a civilian setting I would like to think I'd walk away. In fact, I would hope that most martial artists would diffuse the situation.

Regardless, we don't know old dude's background. Not saying it's right but he could have been a former correctional officer or even an inmate.

If he has an inmate background and served any time he's conditioned to not show weakness. Once you take crap you become someone's fish. As for CO's, same deal, you don't have to be an asshole but if you back down from an inmate you are done.

Then again, this could just be two bullies and a case of the bigger and older dog winning.

Terry said...

Takes two to tango. Either man could've walked away at any time, not bleeding and with some fire in his belly that he could've taken out on a heavy bag.

Were there kids on that bus?

Sean C. Ledig said...

Toldain, I think that's a pretty accurate assessment of the situation.

Still, that punk did throw the first punch, so to me, that makes him the criminal. Here in Florida, we have a "Stand your ground law" and under that law, that punk would be the one going to jail.

Nice to see what that old man could do to a punk young enough to be his grandson. It let's me know that there's hope for me at 45.

Viro said...

Looked like a monkey dance to me.

Anyone else note the girls in the back of the bus trying to rile the younger guy into fighting?

steve-vh said...

Happened to see this one somewhere else just this morning!
a little research yielded the history on him. He's known in the bay area as a bit of a loose cannon with a penchant for throwing out verbal slight insults not directed at anyone. Rumors of being a Vet with issues too but couldn't find anything substantial. He was tased 3X at Oakland colliseum too for being belligerant, made lots of news.

Can't hear what started this but he did say "what you charge for a spit shine?" too so that sure didn't help the guy to back off. But the bitches in the back were looking to create trouble. The videoer was found later and admitted she was out looking for stuff to film. They egged them both on, especially the kid until he was left with no options. Then the bitches scream stop, yeah right. And then she steals his bags. Word is she's being pursued for that.
i love this kind of stuff.

Dojo Rat said...

Thanks for the background. I had a feeling the old dude was a troublemaker.

BSM said...

Who needs fiction or speculation when you have truth?

Some people are nuts. I'm surprised we haven't managed to blow the planet up, yet.

Dan Gambiera said...

More testosterone than myelin. Big time.

Sensei Strange said...

Here is a follow up interview with the senior.

Sensei Strange said...

and even more interviews with links to interviews from more people involved.

weird how things work on the web sometimes.