Thursday, February 25, 2010

Four Martial Blogs To Check Out

Some of you will remember my young friend and student Zac, alias Zacky Chan. Zac has been teaching english in Japan, dealing with cultural issues, and studying Aikido in the heart of "Aikido-land".
Most recently, he has traveled a bit, and experianced the Aiki practice of drinking and doing Karaoke with Sensei and fellow students.
Check out Zac's struggle with Japanese Beer and Aikido at Gaijin Explorer.

Dan Djurdjevic was featured in a previous Xingyi post. His training is in the Chen Pan-ling lineage of Xingyi, Bagua and Tai Chi Chuan. He is an excellent writer and his video's display quality martial arts. You can see Dan's Blog at "The Way Of Least Resistance"

"Daniele" has just started a martial Blog that promises to include Guitar talk and other cool stuff. You can see her Blog at "Hun Yuan - Universe Meditation".

And finally, Restita from the Seattle Wushu Center has a blog going called "Don't Fight The Tao", which looks to have some local interest in the Seattle area.

Check 'em out!


Restita, Seattle Wushu Center said...

Thanks for the mention! I've added your blog to my blog as've been in my Google Reader feed for a while, and I'm sort of embarassed that your blog wasn't already on my BlogRoll! :-)

Zacky Chan said...

Yeah thanks again dude! I'm making more contacts because of it. Thank you thank you.

Dan Djurdjevic said...

Thanks for your kind words. I often wonder if anyone out there in cyberspace reads my stuff - it is truly gratifying to see that someone does!

Now I'm going to have a good look around your site...

Thanks again