Monday, August 25, 2008

Hat Trick

Yes folks, our old buddy Sa Bum Nim Pieschala has informed us that he scored this neat-o hidden weapon: a hat with a blackjack built into it.
It appears versatile and potentially dangerous, and I think you could take it just about anywhere.
But I had a good idea; maybe we can all come up with tests for him to perform with the Hat/jack-- for instance:
- How many Beer bottles can you line up and break the tops off of with the hat? Or,
- While wearing the hat, can you head-butt through a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood?

So, if our readers can come up with more hat tricks, we'll try to talk Piesch into doing a demo video! Send your ideas to the comment section, I'm sure he will be reading!


Bob Patterson said...

I want to see melons smashed.


Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

First who's melon?

Second, I do demo's with my "trusted black belts" on creative ways to use everyday item. Ya know, Jackie Chan wasn't ALWAYS a "wacky lovable" stunt man.

Regular pens & pencils are may favorites though :). My personal best was hand lotion and an order of "spicy nachos with extra HOT sauce".

Glad you liked DR. It really is art, violence, but art none the less.

Dojo Rat said...

Melons are to be caressed to examine their tenderness and sweet taste...
Oh! you mean like cantalopes, I get it...

I like the hot sauce, I used the old Tobasco in the eye trick myself one time

Bob Patterson said...

Mmmmm...juicy melons.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

What I did was just plain evil.

This guy who played in a band (bass) who I thought was hitting my girl. He was being slick by trying to throw me off by inviting me to see him play. `Cause she had to have told him "if he finds out .."

So we meet in a bar; and with hot sauce on my hand I excused my self to pee "Beer ya know."

While in there I used Vaseline (save the jerk off jokes) type lotion lots .. then sprayed my hand with MACE. Came back right before he was to go on stage.

A smile & a warm double handshake "Nice meeting you. Good Luck." With that much Vaseline I saw him wipe his hand on his shirt, then it must have burned (fumes), so on stage he wipes brow .. by then it was in his guitar strings everywhere. And the more he rubbed the worse it got. Talk about poison hand :)

Personally, I enjoyed the show.

What is sick,is this story has too much detail to have been made up. It was a personal best. Oh yeah, when you going to call me?

Dojo Rat said...

You ARE a devious bastard!
Ha, ha, ha, that is the best one I've heard lately...
Sorry I haven't called yet, I try to get to it when I can