Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Bush

Pretendadent Bush Admires Olympic Athelete

Party on, Wayne-
Party on, Garth...

Update on The Anthrax Scandal:
Newsweek says Case Not Closed
Anthrax expert and researcher Meryl Nass makes the case for Ivin's innocence
George Washington's Blog sites proof Ivins could not have done it


Bob Patterson said...

Before someone tries to call you on it that photo is real.


Hand2Hand said...

And where was Republican candidate John McCain last week? Campaigning in Sturgis, S.D. for the all-important, drunk-and-stoned-off-their-asses-Hell's Angel vote!

I hope S.D. allows felons to vote or McCain wasted a lot of time.

While there, he suggested that Cindy try out for Miss Buffalo Chip. Seriously. Check this out!

Dojo Rat said...

I think McCain knew exactly what he was doing.
After all, he's called his wife a "C--t" in front of reporters.
He would gladly throw his naked wife to a bunch of drunk bikers for a few votes-
- and Bob, thanks for the back-up with the article.

** There can't be too many circuses at the fall of an empire.
I kid you not, I am seriously worried that there will be some kind of disruption in the election, way worse than in 2000.
The Republicans have to protect their criminal enterprise from exposure.

Bob Patterson said...

I hope you are wrong. We can't last another 4 of this republican mess.