Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And You Think You Have A Rough Neighborhood...

It appears that Georgians aren't the only ones feeling the bite of an angry Bear; there have been three Bear maulings within the city of Anchorage this summer. From this and other recent reports, the people who were mauled suffered bites to the head and neck, with crushed trachea and puntured lungs. The same seems to go for Cougar attacks I have read about, suggesting the animals are clearly attempting to kill.
Now, this is frightening stuff, but what better target than a female jogger alone on a trail? This kind of stuff will continue to happen as people move closer to the deep woods, and people should assess their risks and procede with caution. It's not the Bears fault.
**But how would you handle such an attack? Here is how one young guy reacted:
"Some people say humans are to blame for the confrontations and insist that no bears should be killed because of the attacks.
On the other side is a growing chorus of people like Devon Rees, who want something done about the big bruins.
"It is pretty much unsafe to walk around at night," he said.
On one recent evening, Rees heard splashing in the creek near his Eagle River home and assumed it was salmon. Seconds later, however, a bear rushed at him from the woods and knocked him to the ground.
"I wasn't going to lay down and take it. The bear came and tried to fight me," said Rees, 18, who works in a meat store. "I started punching it in the head, kicking it and elbowing it ... I was boxing him using one arm to defend, one arm to strike."
(D.R.)-Now with this in mind, I would suggest an agile, mobile striking system would be preferable than trying to get the Bear to submit in an armbar or choke...
--LINK to the rest of the article
--Previous Bear attack from 2007


Toldain said...

This is Jay Gischer, using my Blogger id.

I think a blood choke might actually work on a bear, if you could manage to get behind it and get it applied. It's neck might be too big, but maybe not.

I would imagine that a bear would have no idea how to deal with something on its back, though it would probably try to shake you off.

One nit to pick, you mention a female jogger as an ideal target. Really, I think you mean "small" instead of female. I'm aware of women who are definitely larger than me. I don't think bears draw much of a gender distinction.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Blood choke a bear? Why stop at a bear why not lions & tigers too? And great white sharks with frickin' laser beams?

I doubt any martial arts would work on that kind of predator. Besides if it did, some Russian would have already done it.

The recommended defense round for "bear country" is a 30.06 or a WWII Gerand round. Now, to me, that's saying something.

The bigger question is why do people go into these places unarmed? Mountian lions, bears, pissed off Velosor Raptors.. Just because you like animals doesn't mean they like you (like people).

I think it's natural selection getting rid of the stupid. Maybe Darwin was on to something with that whole evolution thing. As for me, I'm bringing "Charlene the M-14".

Dojo Rat said...

Jay; have you ever tried to restrain an animal like a goat?
I mean, come on- animals are incredibly strong and in ways we simply can't immagine.
Read my previous post on my friend Al that tried to wrestle a deer, at this link:

I was certainly kidding about even trying an armbar or choke on a Bear, but that Alaskan kid was succesful at fighting the Bear with punches and elbows...

Scott said...

If given a choice, I'd go with the 30.06.
Grizzlies are really big, smart, they like to dance, they are not all that predictable. Maybe the boxer's underarm deodorant was a turn off.
With a predator like this I think the only martial arts technique that has much chance of working is to stick you arm down its throat and grab a hold of what you can.

Sometimes bears are just curious, I'm sure he thought the guy punching and elbowing him was trying to show some kind of affection.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

I knew a Canadian who got chased by a bear. They were out in the woods "having a couple". The bear chased him up a tree but wouldn't leave.

After an hour or so it decided to climb too. So the guy pissed on it right in the face.

It freaked the bear out and the bear ran off. You know he was telling the truth because you can't make that up.

Maybe it was the terror of being torn apart not the beer? But I think must have been the beer because I probably would have just s*** my pants. I guess that's the first time beer & "drink one piss two" ever saved a life.

It is strange that I just remembered that story ...

Dojo Rat said...

So the guy was scared and the Bear was pissed off!