Monday, July 30, 2007

More Emin Bozetpe

Emin At Demonstration

The William Cheung Fight

Well, I have to say, this guy's quite a fighter.
In the previous post on Wing Chun, Jose' wrote in the comments section that he had met Emin at seminars in Spain, and the guy definately had some "attitude". The second video is a somewhat embarassing incedent where Emin challenged Master William Cheung at a seminar in Germany. No telling what started this, but Emin jumps Cheung and they go at it. The BJJ and groundfighting guys will like this; the fight goes to the ground in a tangeled mess. Two expert hitters and the fight still goes to the ground. It looks to me like after the initial blows, Emin just tries to contain Cheung, I'm sure he could have easily finished him off.


Patrick Parker said...

What a crying, idiodic shame.

Patrick Parker said...

...or idiotic ;-)

Steve said...

LOL... I wish you didn't feel it necessary to dig on BJJ every chance you get. :)

Steve said...

I'll add, however, that I will admit I'm not surprised that it went to the ground in a tangled mess. Had he learned some real grappling rather than "Wing Chun anti-grappling," he might have done more than lie on him. :D

That is tongue in cheek before anyone gets on me for talking out of my ass.

Dojo Rat said...

I'm giving you guys cred and laughing at myself too...
We need to spill a beer sometime!

Dave said...

I remember when that fight happened. It kept popping up in Inside KungFu magazine when I was a kid.

The real dispute was between Leung Ting, Emin's teacher, and William Cheung. Why they didn't just settle it in Hong Kong, I have no idea.

Emin became quite famous for that fight, so it might have been idiotic, but it made him as far as wing chun goes. He became as well-known as his teacher.

Formosa Niejia

Hand2Hand said...

As a Wing Chun practitioner, I just have to say I'm no fan of either Boztepe or Cheung.

That said, I think Boztepe acted like a complete thug. Everything I've heard and from some unedited footage of that fight, Boztepe sucker punched Cheung.

I suspect the reason they didn't just settle it in Hong Kong was because sending Boztepe after Cheung was a no-lose situation for Leung Ting.

If Boztepe won, Leung could say that his Wing Chun was better - after all, Boztepe beat Cheung.

If Cheung won, Leung could say "Big deal. He beat my student but he didn't beat me."

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book.

I also remember the aftermath of that fight. Cheung published challenges to Leung in the martial art magazines of that time. Leung responded by proposing a system where Cheung would have to fight his way to Leung by taking on progressively higher-ranked students in Leung's organization.

Personal disclosure time: My Wing Chun lineage go back to Yip Chun via Sam Kwok. I also have some training in a mainland version of Wing Chun as well as Yuen Kay San, Gu Lao, Hung Fa Yi and Yip Ching's version of the art.

JoseFreitas said...

I remember the fight too. If you factor in the sneakyness, difference in ages between Boztepe and Cheung and the fact that Boztepe arrived at the fight with a plan from start, it pretty much means nothing.

In any case, Boztepe's Wing Tsun is pretty solid, he is pretty solid (very athletic), and does a lot of crosstraining. He's probably a good guy to learn from, if a little intense. Personally I don't fancy him that much.