Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Neck

I think I have an idea about the UFC wanna-be critics that have commented on our joint-lock flows. UFC uses strong gloves with wrist support. therefore, unlike in self-defense, UFC guys don't use wrist and fingerlocks.
So here's an idea about upper-body lock-flows, and I really like this one.
--I still believe some young UFC fans don't quite get it.
The guest thrashee is our youngest Shima Dojo Rat, Zack... "Zackie Chan"


Brad said...

Give 'em hell DJR!

Steve said...

Why don't they use any of that in the UFC?

Oh... wait... ;)

Dave said...

I think it's great that you're putting your stuff out there. You're much braver than I am.

But like I told Mike Martello, you'll never silence critics through vid clips. They'll just tear down anything you do.

Formosa Neijia

Dojo Rat said...

Thanks. Let the critics have their fun too. I'm gettin' close to 50 now, and I know I'm not exactly USDA Prime, but I can still kick a little ass when I need to.
I think I learn more from viewing my mistakes or shortcomings than I would in a month of training.
I don't give a crap about keyboard warriors, bring 'em on

Chris said...

You know one thing I still teach is the use of improvised weapons (in addition to the classics).

People almost always think you're going to fight their game. (puh-lease)

This is a common mentality among "armchair Black Belts". I like that term too.

I teach how to do a ton of damage using a simple pen.

(Don't get me started on airport security)

When we used to teach the cops and correctional officers, unbeknown to the cops we taught a fair amount of inmates "just wanting to make it through".

These guys are geniuses, I had a guy show me how to stab somebody using only a newspaper. He could make a dandy of a club with one too.

One of my favorites is to keep a can of "carpet fresh" in your car. You know, to keep it smelling fresh.

Just make sure the lid is loose so the next time a mouth gets up to your rolled down window he can be deodorized.

I prefer Comet because they always rub their eyes. But you get the idea.

This is handy in states like mine where macing somebody can be a felony.

I still consider martial arts "Art" in the purest sense. You're really only limited by your imagination.

Nails, canes, a broken nutcracker linked by a choker chain, sharp credit card, the list goes on and on.

Then there are "field expedient" or weapons around you, again use your imagination.

I learned one the hard way while fighting in an alley.

There's a spot where the building meets the ground and street sweepers cant get at it. So there's always rocks and finely crushed glass so if you're ever down that way, a good hand full rubbed in the face of an attacker does wonders.

You'll cut your hand a bit, but they get the worse of it. And then they become very easy to spot in a line up :)

(yes, I've actually done the Comet one. I also rolled the window up with his arm in it before getting out)

And to quote a Navy Seal who was a instructor of my instructor;
fair fight?! What's that? That's something losers to say. It pays to be a winner.

I kinda like Tank from the UFC. He's the kind of guy that will wait in the parking lot and beat you into giving him your shiny UFC trophy :). These are the guys you have to know how to handle.

Master C.C. Pieschala

Patrick Parker said...

yo, rat. Sorry I'm taking so long to respond to your posts these days. Lie, etc...

I really like this most recent video. The flow and the selection of locks in this one seem to fit together better than your previous lock flow video (and that one wasn't bad by a long shot).

I get a kick out of the knuckleheads that don't realize that in ufc, etc... they are operating under a set of game rules. to be fair, it's a hell of a tough game, but it _is_ a game. I also get a kick out of the marketing whizzes that want to make people think BJJ, etc... is a different animal from judo.

Anyhoo, I cant wait to see some more video from your island hideaway. Down here in the sweltering deep south, practice partners are scarse during the summers, so i havent gotten anymore video put up for y'all to see.

hopefully soon.


Patrick Parker said...

HA! I meant to say, "life, etc..."

I wonder if that was a Freudian slip??

Dojo Rat said...

It looks like you just missed
The "F".

Steve said...

While BJJ is a close relative to Judo, the Judoka with whom I train all agree that it's a different animal. Different takedowns and a more developed ground game.

This is particularly so with the influences of catch wrestling, folk wrestling, luta livre, and no-gi BJJ schools such as Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet gym.

But as with anything else, people have their opinions. It's all good.

Wooden Dummy Central said...

I saw the vid and liked it. The UFC people dont have the last word on self-defense. They can have a say but in things like Vale Tudo they are strong on going to the ground and you dont want to be there in an open environment.
The locking with punches is useful and the headlocks looked good.