Monday, June 11, 2007

Sifu Glen Hairston's Tai Chi Chuan

Internal Damage Video

Short-Range Taiji Punch

Here's a guy that shows what Tai Chi Chuan can really do. Glen Hairston was a police detective, formal Federal agent and now runs a corporate security firm. I got his "Internal Damage" DVD a year or so ago and it's pretty good. He's a powerful guy and his student doesn't mind getting the crap kicked out of him. It's clearly an urban combat scene, and Glen demonstrates some interesting variations for all of the postures in the Yang-style form.
In the second video, he shows the short-range power (fa-jing) that Tai Chi Chuan is known for. As he says on the back of his DVD, "This aint your Grandma's Tai Chi"...

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Patrick Parker said...

Looks good. I'd like to see him hit something solid, though. Not that I think he can't - it would just be a more effective demo actually busting something with that short punch.

I especially liked his demonstration of the same apparent power from different ranges.