Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Parting Wild Horses Mane

Here is a nice application found in the Chinese Internal arts. The author uses it as a Bagua technique, but in Tai Chi Chuan it is also called "parting wild horses mane" or "slanted flying".
Notice how he uses it as a defense against an arm drag, which is commonly used to spin an opponent into a choke hold or similar technique.
I'd like to know if the Judo guys out there use this technique, I do remember using it in Aikido.
Any thoughts?


Patrick Parker said...

in aiki we call that technique gedanate. The arm drag the other guy was using is still used in judo a lot and we just call it 'arm drag'. It used to be known in wrestling as the Japanese pass.

gedanate in aiki is roughly the same thing as sukuinage (scooping throw) in judo, though in sukuinage tori usually geabs uke's legs during the throw.

Silverstar said...

Neat video, thanks for posting!:)

Hand2Hand said...

Once again, thanks for helping to enlighten people on the martial aspects of taijiquan.

Slanted flying is one of my favorite moves as far as the martial application. I once used it to get out of an armbar from my JKD sifu and send him rolling on the garage floor.