Monday, June 18, 2007

Da Lu; Large Rollback

Dave at Formosa Niejia has given me a homework assingment. In the previous post, we are doing some free-style push hands. My opponent is very strong, and is able to move into my center in a very rooted position. This forces me to back up and fight from a defensive position, and I am constantly loosing ground.
Dave has suggested I work on my large rollback as a defense, and it is a great suggestion. Here is part of a two-man form that utilizes the large rollback. The video is with Sam Masich, a great instructor from the Vancouver B.C. area. We were fortunate to have a push hands class with Sam several years ago, and he is a very skilled practitioner. This shows a nice example of how neutralization is used in Tai Chi Chuan, not force-against-force. Yielding and redirection of the opponents force and energy.


Dave said...

Haha. I didn't mean it to seem like homework. I just know what it's like going against aggressive people. The principles and footwork in dalu have really opened up a lot of possibilities for me in taiji against such people. There's a lot in the practice that can change your whole game.

BTW, you're lucky to get a chance to work with Sam. I hear he's really good.

Formosa Neijia

Scott said...

I agree that this is a beautiful video but in the spirit of clear teaching I think we should examine the vocabulary. Specifically, he is using an elbow to attack, but the footwork and the body power are "Shoulder Stroke" (Kao). Elbow (Zhou) is a revolving technique from your qua which requires momentary attachment with you partner.
Kao can be countered with Lu and Split, try it with Zhou and you will "catch some air."