Sunday, June 10, 2007

Navy Seals

Well, not really.
Here's a little Dojo Rat Animal Planet scene, I hope everyone can se it ok. We live in a wonderland, our home is in the deep woods with a huge swamp, teeming with wildlife. My commute to work varies, but because we live on an island it always meets the water. This is my first attempt to capture the wild nature of our home, so my timing was a little off with these seals. I think my dog may have scared them back into the water. There are several generations of seals that hang out on this rock. I hope to get pictures of the young pups that will come later in the summer. These guys are pretty funny; they burp, scratch and fart while they lounge on the rocks in the sun. Kinda' like Dojo Rats with a hangover.
Dojo Rat is about the Martial Arts, Political Arts, and The Art Of Living Simply.
What better instructor is there than mother earth and nature?

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