Friday, June 29, 2007

Floyd Webb's Movie On Dante Is Getting Close!

Floyd Webb has been very busy making a documentary movie about the legendary "Count Dante", AKA John Keehan. (Dante appears at the masthead of this blog, with a "Pack of Dojo Rats"). As he describes it, it is now far beyound the scope of Dante himself, and has morphed into a "Once Upon A Time In America" sort of epic; the dawning of the Karate scene in 1960's Chicago. People familiar with the subject know of the "Dojo Wars", in which people really got killed, and other nefarious hijinks involving the Mob and martial artists. Many of the individuals are still alive, and Floyd is filming their historical knowledge of the era. Much like in the old days, there is latent animosity amongst the disparate warring clans, and to Floyd's dismay there have even been veiled death threats. You can read about a similar threat to this blog just for using the picture of Dante, alledging I am dissing his memory HERE.
Floyd is re-editing a theatrical trailer for the documentary and I will try to post it when it is available. In the mean time, check out Floyd's blog, "Searching For Count Dante", and check out this fantastic article "The Life And Death Of The Deadliest Man Alive", By Dan Kelly of The Chicago Reader.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Hand2Hand said...

I read the article you linked to. It sounds really interesting. It's always fascinating to me to read about the early days of martial arts in America.

I'm looking forward to that movie. I always thought Count Dante was just a crackpot, but I see there is more to the story than I originally thought.

And, as a Marvel Comics fan, I've lost count of how many times I've come across his ad.