Thursday, April 5, 2012

Remarkable Statistics

These are the stats for Dojo Rat on 4-3-12.
I've never seen them so consistent, of course I've had higher counts on many days.
Today's total hit count is 672313.

For those business people out there, Dojo Rat does indeed have it's price, at some time (I own the dotcom) may go on the market.

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Erik the Strange said...

I'll give you a dollar.

Dojo Rat said...

$1.25 ?

Neil Bednar said...

Questions: How long have you been blogging on this site? And,what is your secret man?! I was happy getting 200 pageviews a day, and here you are gettign over half a million! Holy Shit! lol Do you advertise?


Erik the Strange said...

He is not getting half a million hits a day. That is his calorie through beer count!

Anyhow most of those hits are from the political right watching his every move. Either that or from fans of hippy chicks. Maybe right winger with hippy fetishes.

Anonymous said...

You pay for the rat
when the crown rides you freely. Think I am... a jerk?

Dojo Rat said...


Dojo Rat said...
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