Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beat Up Bob

All over the country, nay; all over the world people beat up Bob.
No, not the stupid plastic Bob as pictured above, I mean the real plastic Bob.

Bob is my best imaginary internet friend, and he runs the excellent website "Striking Thoughts".

My friend Bob has arrested development.
He loves school.
In fact, he loves school so much he has decided to become a permanent fixture in random colleges across the country.
He wrote me to say that he has reactivated his website "Striking Thoughts" and has taken a job at a college in "Cowboy Country".
At first I was worried that this was Bob's "Brokeback Mountain" moment, but he has assured me that there were only Bears involved.

So we have our old friend Bob, all alone with Mrs. Bob in Cowboy country.
He has been stressing over his new Brokeback job, barely practicing martial arts, and not drinking enough Vodka.

Do your part to help beat up Bob today.
If you donate one comment to Bob's website "Striking Thoughts" Bob could feel the pain for another day.
And if you help this Bob, other Bob's will find their sponsor and we will all become Bob.

Please, won't you do your part today, and beat up Bob?


Bob Patterson said...

Mrs. Bob agrees: She frequently tells me I act like a teenager. Incidentally, I'm MORE handsome than the Bobs depicted in this post. My liver is also just as plastic.

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