Thursday, April 12, 2012

Praise For The .22

This guy may rub some folks the wrong way, but he is exactly right about the under appreciated .22 firearm.

My Dad gave me his .22 single-shot rifle when I was about 12. It was given to him by a rancher in Eastern Oregon when he was about 12.
The .22 is a do-everything firearm. It is great, cheap fun to shoot. It's a perfect survival gun for the bush. In fact, there are compact models that pair the .22 with a .410 shotgun barrel mounted below it. I understand a lot of Alaska pilots keep them in the plane.

Hell, I've even heard that the .22 pistol is one of the preferred handguns for mob hits. Compact, quiet and large magazine capacity.
I don't concern myself with flash-suppressors and such, but the guy makes a good point.

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Sean C. Ledig said...

I don't know about mob hits, but I hear it is the prefered weapon for intelligence agencies seeking to take someone out.

The .22 may not have stopping power, but it's actually quite lethal because it can richotche around inside the body, tearing up tissue. It's how Ronald Reagan came close to buying it after Hinkley shot him.