Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Young Zac In Japan

I am very proud of my young friend and student Zac (Alias "Zackey Chan").
As some of you have read, Zac is in Japan Teaching English. There was the expected adjustment time getting used to teaching, teaching in a foreign language, and Japanese culture in general. Now however, he has found the sweet release of being thrown, swept, wristlocked and generally thrashed in his new Aikido class. As is tradition, he will be learning the Bokken sword and Jo staff also.
Drop by his Blog "Gaijin Explorer", and leave him a comment. The comment buttons are in Japanese, but are the same layout as you see on any "Blogger" format.
Eat mat, Gaijin!

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BSM said...

Added to my google reader! I look forward to following it. Aikdio is still on my list...