Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fun: How Music Is Made

Here's a cool clip that Stones fans and musicians will really appreciate; the making of the song "Sympathy For The Devil".
I really learned a lot by watching these studio scenes, and as a (crappy) musician myself, it was fun to see the band stumble along and try to get it right.
If you sing or play an instrument, how many times have you tried different keys, rythyms or attitudes to get it right? It's good to see Mick Jagger forget the words, or just ad lib.
This video is from Jean-Luc Goddard's 1968 documentary "Sympathy For The Devil/One Plus One". In between studio cuts, there are scenes of (dated) street theatre and social commentary, trying to "hip" it up more than necessary. These studio cuts tell the whole story.
And here is the fated night at Altamont when "All Hell Broke Loose":


John Vesia said...

Supposedly when the Stones would arrive at the studio to record an album they had no idea what was going to come out. Keith and Mick would literally compose right there on the spot. That alone takes time. Must've cost them a bundle in studio time, but by then they had the moolah.

Never seen that studio clip, nice find. That must've been right before Brian Jones' death. I don't think he made it to Altamont.

Dojo Rat said...

It was great to see the creative process, as well as how work in the studio is conducted.