Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Do These Things Lie In Our Subconscious?

I post this video for no other reason than I dreamed the name of the Kung Fu school last night.
Yes, weird.
I dreamed I was at a small storefront Kung Fu school, led by an older man with a thin grey beard. The name of the school was "Mo Duk Pai".
I have no idea where I heard or read that name. I got up and looked at some internet stuff I was researching the other day and there was no mention of Mo Duk Pai.
So I googled the name, and a website for Mo Duk Pai and this video came up. It's a well-rounded Kung Fu school in my old hometown of Portland, Oregon.
As it happens, one of my friends, David, went to the original school. It was run by Fred King, but I do not think it was even called Mo Duk Pai back then. We just knew it as "Fred King's Kung Fu school".
I remember in my dream, I was participating in the school, and had a role to play. It was, as I said in an old storefront however.
Maybe just posting this personal story completes some Karma loop or something.

-Does this mean anything to anybody else? Ever happen to you?


Charles James said...

Hi, DR:

We all know from the actual footage they are teaching self-protective techniques yet in the many verbal testimonials I noticed that exclusively they speak of physical fitness aspects, i.e. better exercise, etc. Makes me wonder if they are actually receiving the mental training necessary for "real" self-protection.

All the comments are very positive and relate to many benefits yet in most training halls they really don't stress the mental aspects of street defense. If this one did then at least one of the testimonials would have referenced a stronger level of self-confidence if they needed to defend themselves.


Dojo Rat said...


When my friend David was going to the school some 25 years ago, it was way more into street defense than the Tae Kwon Do school I was at. They worked up to the point where they were using live blades in knife defense, and David witnessed a guy get stabbed through the hand.
I have no affiliation with the school, never remember hearing the name Mo Duk Pai, never saw the school or anything. That's why it (the dream) was so strange.
If the testimonials were light, I suppose it was directed towards the demographic that seeks out that school.
Still, way more rounded training than the old TKD school I was at.

Martial Development said...

I attended an international meditation retreat a few years ago. While we sitting in the train station, another member of our little group said something to her daughter in Ukrainian(?) and motioned toward me.

Then she said quite plainly, "I have seen you in my dreams."

I didn't really know how to respond, so I just said "OK"--and felt kinda dumb afterwards.