Monday, January 11, 2010

Three Japan Blogs

Beautiful river valley in Japan ("Glimpses")

Last week we introduced you to my Buddy Zac's Blog from Japan "Gaijin Explorer". Zac is teaching English in Japan and his recent posts describe the struggle to teach effectivly and, of all things, a parallel between Nietzche and Taoism.
I also stumbled across a fantastic Japan Blog called "More Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan".
With absolutely beautiful Photos, Here's how the author describes the Blog:
Artist, writer, photographer, mask-maker, tour guide, gardener, walker, anarchist, freegan,"...
Great cultural blog.
- And finally, another great Japan Blog by a guy working in Japan and practicing both Japanese and Chinese martial arts. "Empty Hands, Worn Shoes".
All these Blogs have great snippets of art, martial arts, and life for westerners living in Japan.


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ted said...

Hello Rat,

Ironically, two of those bloggers are good friends of mine. I have enjoyed Zack's blog as well.

Props to you for being able to write (well) about martial arts. In my own blog, I've only covered the topic a handful ('scuse the pun) of times.

Anyway, I saw this article and thought you might enjoy it: