Friday, December 4, 2009

You Can't Out-Lie A Texan

Well, I got my ass kicked again.
What was I thinking?
That I could out-lie a Magician from Texas?
About wrestling Hippie Chicks?

And now, as it has been revealed in some "Back To The Future" sort of way, Sensei Strange claims our shared DNA is due to his time-traveling sperm bank show.
Crap. I got Texan blood in me.
It won't wash off.

Sensei Strange elucidates:

Sensei Strange said...
Uh...I have been going to Burning Man since '98.

Wrestling Hippie chicks is what I am currently writing my PHd thesis on sponsored by MIT and NASA. I am just back from my tour of the subcontinent as a professional hippie chick wrestler. In the Mexican wrestling circuit I am known as "El Hippie Vaquero". I invented a time machine just to travel back to Woodstock to get my wrestle on. I traveled even further back to father a North Western child that grew to be the Dojo Rat.
That's right Rat, I am your father. The similarity is to close - you know it to be true. I mean if only you were younger, stronger and better looking. Besides that we are the spitting image of each other.
C'mon give me a hug my boy!

(D.R.)- Hey Pops; can I have the keys to the hovercraft?


Kostas Tountas said...
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Kostas Tountas said...

Uhhh...I think you should lay off that whiskey that you serve in your Saloon, Dojo Rat,...just a thought :)

Daniel Wilson said...

Heh heh, is it a red hovercraft? Red makes it go faster.

And when he's done with that thesis, I want to read it. Gotta see what he could possibly write a thesis about - on the topic of hippie chick wrestling. XD