Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's Mess With Texas

Shocked I tell you!

Yesterday in the comment's section of "Cute Hippie Chick Of The Month", I had another complaint.
Somewhere in Texas is some misplaced Dojo Rat DNA running around by the name of Sensei Strange. The lad claims to be the spitting image of me, but thinner, stronger and better looking. Poor kid, he doesn't realize that we are growing him to be an organ donor for when I finally pickle my liver.
Sensei Strange

Well, yesterday Stange commented that I was a "wishful liar" regarding the issue of wrestling with Hippie Chicks.
Hey, I'm not just a Dallas-Fort Worth Wallmart-quality liar, I'm a world champeen liar.
Ok, in Texas Sensei Strange probably wrestles Steers or Armadillos.
I'm pretty sure he has never sat naked in a backwoods sauna surrounded by half-a-dozen beautiful unshaven Pacific Northwest earth-muffins.
Instead he's all mopey and hang-dog stuck down there in Texas, probably watching re-runs of George W. Bush's greatest hits.
See if you can get a hall pass from your wife so you can come up here and play electric guitar and drink Beer with us in the Saloon!
We might even be able to find you a Hippie Chick to Wrestle!

So in the spirit of jest and play, please direct your best personal tall-tales and outright lies to Sensei Strange in the comment section below!



Steve Perry said...

Dojo Rat said...

Damit Captain Perry!
That link doesn't work for me???

Dojo Rat said...

Try this:

Madame Strange said...
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Sensei Strange said...

Uh...I have been going to Burning Man since '98.

Wrestling Hippie chicks is what I am currently writing my PHd thesis on sponsored by MIT and NASA. I am just back from my tour of the subcontinent as a professional hippie chick wrestler. In the Mexican wrestling circuit I am known as "El Hippie Vaquero". I invented a time machine just to travel back to Woodstock to get my wrestle on. I traveled even further back to father a North Western child that grew to be the Dojo Rat.

That's right Rat, I am your father. The similarity is to close - you know it to be true. I mean if only you were younger, stronger and better looking. Besides that we are the spitting image of each other.

C'mon give me a hug my boy!

Sensei Strange said...

good luck with my liver.