Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ode To Kenpo

In the beginning, there was Tae Kwon Do.
It was powerful.
It was agressive.
It had structure.
It was flawed.

In the second era, there was Aikido.
It introduced yielding.
It was based on blending.
It used circular motion.
It was not complete.

In the third era, there was Kenpo.
It was powerful.
It was based on blending.
It used circular and linear movement equally.
And it was good.

In the fourth era, The Dojo Rat drank a Beer and rested.
"What is it", he thunketh, that has given birth to these diverse methods?
Why of course; it is the Chinese martial arts!

And so, with wisdom gained from thinking and drinking, The Dojo Rat did go forth.
And the fruits of the Tai Chi Chuan, The BaguaZhang, and the Xingyi Quan were harvested.

Nay to the linear crash-and-bash of Japanese and Korean Karate.
Nay to the nicety of Aikido.

One must be just, and one must use what works.
The straight line and the circle must share.
One must blend to proceed.
If these things are held close, we are on the true path.

And with this, we see the Chinese "Quan Fa" is "Kenpo".


BSM said...

Drinking a beer and resting is always good.


Zacky Chan said...

tgood clip! Kenpo, Ba Gua, whatever...blending and flowing until he's done. It's all the same nameless beautiful thing if its done right.