Friday, March 27, 2009

When Your "Art" Goes Very Wrong

Capoeira Demo Goes Very Wrong - Watch more Funny Videos

What if the Tae Kwon Do guy gets his kicking leg trapped and is swept?
What if the Grappler is beat senseless before he can take the fight to the ground?
What if the Tai Chi guy is too "Soft"?
--Here we have two skilled Capoeria players who get into a scrap during an event. At first, they both display kicking ability that rivals any good Karateka, but something goes wrong. They get pissed, they get into it, and one guy tackles the other and dumps him on his head. There were no attempts at technique here, just raw schoolyard wrestling.
Everyone knows that when fights escalate, they move towards the clinch. If you are a kicker, you'd better maintain your kicking range. Same with a striker. I suggest that it is very hard to stay at kicking range only. That's why they are constantly breaking up clinches in sparring matches. Now, I think it may be more practical for a good Boxer to maintain his range, his body being in a more compact and protected stance. The Grappler will risk taking a punch to get in close range. Or he may let the fight come to him, luring the other fighter in.
Every art has it's strength and weakness. Flashy technique is no substitute for conditioning, intent, and a mixed toolbox of techniques for different ranges.


Littlefair said...

My jaw dropped! Oh my goodness that was terrible. Let's hope it wasn't some sort of goodwill get together cos I think the goodwill got up and went.

Wim Demeere said...

It'd be interesting to find out why it went wrong. One guy might have done a faux-pas, inadvertently or not and things escalated from there. Or maybe there was some bad blood from the get go. Who knows?

But they sure didn't do much acrobatics once it was on. :-)


Sensei Strange said...

It amazes me how quickly the art drops when anger comes into being. It clouds the "no mind" and draws out the darkness.

I myself am incapable of doing good martial arts when angry. This is why martial arts is such a good tool to recondition our minds.

Walk In Peace

uchi deshi said...

Good one.

Formosa Neijia said...

"There were no attempts at technique here, just raw schoolyard wrestling."

Looked like a pretty good throw to me. Lots of technique there, at least on the thrower's side.

So much for "laid back" caporiera guys. :)