Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back To Kenpo

Yes Folks, yet another Drinking Dojo Production demonstrating devestating destruction deriving from deeply ingrained motions drawing on deceptivly simple techniques of Kenpo Karate.
Here our fellow Dojo Rat shows how a few simple motions can be used against very different types of attacks. These techniques go back to the Kenpo origins of our little Dojo.


Hand2Hand said...

What a trip! I recognize that combo from a graphic novel that came out about 10 years ago, called "Fist Law."

There hero, a look-alike for a young Ed Parker, used while fighting a gang of kidnappers.

It's definitely one of the best martial arts-related comics out there. I recommend it.

Dojo Rat said...

Fist Law?
Is it illustrated as you describe, a comic? Don't think I ever heard of it.
I think this kind of blend of movements shows the difference between, say, Shotokan Karate and the more Chinese-Okinawan flow of Kenpo. Definitely economy of motion, I believe Ed Parker Kenpo may be the best, though this combo is from a Hawaiian Kenpo.

Brown Dragon said...

The founder of the Ryu Dojo Kenpo system that this waza was drawn from was a man named Bill Ryusaki. I do believe that a heavy influence came from, and was integrated from Ed Parker. I also believe that the more fluid and dynamic moving approach links to the Parker system and the Chinese/Okinawan heritage of the art. The harder performance lends itself to the more Japanese Karate side of my teacher, similar to Shotokan... perhaps the difference between the two could be drilled in our next video... thanks for the inspiration.

Hand2Hand said...

Yep. Fist Law is illustrated as a comic. I corresponded with the author via email. He's a Kenpo black belt.

Here's the link to the book on Amazon.


It's really neat because the fight sequences are more than just punch and kick. The author goes blow-by-blow, giving the names for each individual technique. That's how I was able to recognize the technique in the video.

Don't know if you're into comics, but if you are, it's one of the best martial arts-themed comics I've ever read.