Friday, January 18, 2008

What Would You Do?

This Cop is damned lucky he survived this arrest attempt.
I have known for years that most Police are either out-of-shape, undertrained or both. I remember a case where multiple officers cornered a crazy lady holding a cat and a knife in a Safeway market. They penned her in with shopping carts and then shot her anyway. One time, I had to sneak into my sisters house and rescue her while the police had a stand-off with a man armed with a rifle across the street. The police were on the phone with my sister, but ordered her to stay in the house and tell them what she could see. Across the street the man with the rifle had fired shots in the air, and the homeowner, an elderly lady, was stuck inside. The police went to the back of the house and saw the door start to open. They over-reacted and shot. They killed the old lady, who was trying to escape the house. All this happened while I snuck my sister out the back window of her house directly across the street.
I know, stuff happens... and the Police have a tough job. But for goodness sake, give them some better training!
Should this cop have called for back-up before he attempted to arrest the guy? They spent a lot of time in an upper-body clinch, I think I would have tried to chop-kick to the attacker's shins and knees-- especially since the attacker was so large. Obviously the pepper spray didn't work. Perhaps he should have made a better effort to avoid contact and have his weapon pulled and ready to fire. Lastly, the damned semi-auto handgun jammed!
I know there are some cops out there... What should the officer have done?


Chris said...

Interesting to see how ineffective the shot was. I thought to myself, well, that's only a bullet.

I know many police officers are trained mentally about what to do when they are shot, and one of the first things you learn, is that contrary to the cops and robbers games of our childhood, when you get shot it doesn't mean you are dead. Thinking you are dead might get you killed though.

Seems like on the flipside, that's a good thing to remember if you are shooting at someone as well.

Patrick Parker said...

Great post. Hard to say what the officer could have done differently against a 100-pound heavier prizefighter and still stay within the bounds of the law. He could have probably escalated quicker and more severely and been justified in doing it. He could have made the guy prostrate himself on the trunk instead of the hood to give the camera a better angle and to avoid having to be so close to him on the way around the door. Backup would have been good, but on a speeding stop, who could know you'd draw a crazy a-hole like that? Pepper spray against a determined aggressor is useless as tits on a fish - but he did a pretty good job of evading and avoiding while spraying the guy.

The officer's assessment, "I was thinking to myself, 'this sucks.'" was incredibly funny. Especially the cop's deadpan delivery.

I posted a follow-up on my blog...

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Hey all!
Sorry I haven't been around in a while. But here's my thoughts. Not to act all psychic, but we all have an instinctual "inner voice". Listen to it EVERY time.

Me and I'm a lot bigger than that cop was, could have done what I've seen many cops do. "Sir, you're not under arrest or anything. But I'd like place these cuffs on you for both of our safety."

If that isn't possible get some distance and pull your weapon. He comes at you, shoot. If he doesn't, radio for help.

I'll never judge this officer. But that guy was a monster. Complacency kills.

Hey DR,
Things in Chicago are working out nicely! The court case looks good and Floyd said he's anxious to release it and be done! Just a couple more interviews and touch ups.

I'm still plodding on that board idea. Email me sometime!!!

SBN Pieschala