Friday, January 11, 2008

Lenny Mclean In Action

Today's look into the shady world of English-Irish-Gypsy brawlers brings us face-to-face with the raw aggression of streetfighter Lenny Mclean. This fight is against Roy Shaw, and while it ain't pretty to look at, Lenny gets the job done.
Here's what Wikipedia has to say about these legal, but unlicensed bouts:

"Mclean could not enter licensed boxing due his unpredictable temper, his violent reputation and criminal record; he therefore entered the murky world of unlicensed boxing (which despite being legal, was not sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control) and quickly became one of the biggest names in that field. When Frank Warren formed the National Boxing Council in the 1970s, it allowed the toughest underground fighters in Britain to legally go head to head. For the first time, the aggression and passion of the underground boxing world was now being channelled through a licensed outlet. The results were explosive. Irish and gypsy boxing champions met the hardest brawlers from the London gangland scenes for the first time.
Being the best-known figure in the world of unlicensed boxing produced many fans as well as enemies, for McLean. He suffered two bullet wounds from separate attacks, as well as being stabbed on two different occasions, on both of which he was attacked from behind. McLean survived all attempts on his life."


Hand2Hand said...

Man, exciting fight. Nothing fancy, just put the other guy out, quick.

So Mclean was shot twice, huh? Gee, and I thought that all that gun control in the UK was supposed to prevent that kind of thing from happening.

Bob Patterson said...

Jesus! Talk about hardcore and rough as a cob!

"McLean survived all attempts on his life."

And just watch Lenny...a brawler, hands down more than they should be, but he just beats the crap out of his opponent.

I'm guessing he can take a shot for sure and probably has a cast iron jaw!