Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stephen Hayes On Traditional Training

I have to say, I never got hooked on the Ninja stuff in my early training. We were told that while the Samurai would fight opponents face-to-face, the Ninja was the poisener, the back-stabber, the assassin.
However, when you look at the system as taught by Dr. Hatsumi, it is quite a legitimate fighting art, with aspects of training that might help a person survive accidents or natural disasters as well as attacks by thugs.
Here, Hayes talks about how Dr. Hatsumi's training was altered to allow for conventional civilian use, and how that was at first frustrating for Hayes.
--More on Hatsumi and my thoughts on his system coming up next...

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Martial Development said...

Did you catch the ninja episode of Human Weapon? (If not, you can watch the highlights here.)

I found it interesting that, with one week of ninja training, the hosts fought Hatsumi's senior students to a draw. They didn't fare nearly so well against anyone else.