Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lenny Mclean On Bare-knuckle Boxing

This week we move from the Bare-knuckle world of Kimbo Slice to a profile of British brawler Lenny McLean. McLean was featured in a previous Dojo Rat review of "Bounce", a documentary on the life of club bouncers.
McLean, who passed away in 1998, led a rough street life. An abusive stepfather beat him repeatedly as a youth, and the cycle of violence continued. Lenny became a feared streetfighter who was known to dabble with organized crime. Despite his brash background, Mclean always comes off with an air of true class. He is remembered for his autobiography, "The Guv'nor", and is a true working-class hero to the British.
I never realized how much material there is on Irish-English-Gypsy bare-knuckle boxing, so we may take a look at some this week-- Also, check out the embedded link to my review of "Bounce" above, featuring Lenny McLean.


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