Friday, January 4, 2008

Kimbo's Final Outlaw Fight

This will wrap up the last of the Kimbo (Kevin Ferguson) fights. After training with Bas Rutten for the big-money MMA circut, he claims he will no longer fight in the street. Despite the raw brutishness of these fights, they are always handled with sportsmanship and civility. Compared to these early fights, it's easy to see the improvements he's made in his game. The Mercer fight went quickly to the ground where Kimbo submitted Mercer with a choke. I have to admit, it has really been interesting to follow Kimbo's rise to fame in the professional fight game, you gotta give the guy credit, he's got a lot of heart. Good luck to him!


Patrick Parker said...

That actually looked like the most civilized street fight i've ever seen. Sure Kimbo pummeled the dude to a pulp, but there was restraint and civility. These Kimbo posts have been a good catch for you, DR. Interesting, entertaining, educaitonal.

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