Tuesday, December 18, 2007

White Crane Series #2

Dr. Yang In '92

Dr. Yang at 60

Here is one of Dojo Rat's favorite masters, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. Probably nobody in the United States has done more for decoding the mysteries of Chinese arts than Dr. Yang. I must have at least six of his books, and value his Taiji applications and chin na as the best reference material available on the subject. Here he is performing a short form called "Yao Gu", which I believe means "shaking the drum", and here is the author's commentary:
"Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming performs the White Crane sequence Yao Gu. The sequence is meant to train short jing and mixes White Crane with Tiger Claw, a style in which Dr.Yang's master was proficient".
(D.R.) --We'll have to have a follow-up on Dr. Yang in a future post...

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José said...

Ah! He actually does it better now. There is strong resemblance to Karate, of course, but notice how whippy and relaxed and explosive he is. I LIKE him. I try to go to his seminars here in Portugal as frequently as I can. White Crane sounds like a nice style, but I never tried it (and the Karate style I practice has very little Crane flavor, except perhaps in some teachers way of doing Gankaku and Empi, but it's very slight).