Friday, December 21, 2007

Toisan White Crane Applications

Ah... back to White Crane again. As usual, the filming in this one lacks quality, and the "attacks" are staged badly, but there is a gem or two in this video. One of the first throws is an application of Tai Chi Chuan's "White Crane Spreads Wings". It is also called "Kaiten-nage" or "Rotary Throw" in Aikido. One arm is leveraged upward while the opponent's head is struck or tucked down (the crane spreading wings) and a rotary roll-out occurs. I use this one myself. Another Aikido-like throw occurs when, like Irimi-nage, you pull one of the opponent's arms down and drive straight through him with your forearm or bicep smashing through his face and neck, forcing him back and down. Very Steven Segal. It's also a version of "Split" in the Tai Chi Chuan San-Shou fighting form. a few other nice touches of chin-na joing locking.
It's too bad the attacks weren't simulated more realisticly, it looks like the instructor, Master Zhu would be capeable of more dynamic movement.


Hand2Hand said...

You're right. Not the best quality.

One question - What is Toisan White Crane? The techniques demonstrated by both the attacker and the defender had a very Tibetan Lion's Roar/White Crane feel to them. I recognized the techniques from the Chuit Yat Bo form.

Still, this is what I was waiting for since you started the crane series.

Bob Patterson said...

We call that first one the "wheel throw". Interesting. We do it a bit different and it's alleged to come from hapkido in our system.

Dojo Rat said...

I don't know what Toisan refers to, it was presented that way on youtube though...
I guess there are only so many ways to beat up the human body, that's why I like to make these comparisons between styles.
Sadly, White Crane is somewhat lacking in good videos, I may have to wrap this one up...

Bob Patterson said...

Yeah, I'm starting to learn that sometimes these styles discover the same technique, then argue about how was first!


Chi said...

Hi, all,

Toi San is the cantonese pronouciation for TaiShan. A town about 120km West of HongKong. It is the origin of our Bak Hok Pai system. Bak Hok Pai is White Crane, cousin to Lama Pai and Hop Gar.

thanks, Chi.